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Rally Spec Toyota GT86

If you attended our open event last weekend, you may have noticed a rather peculiar looking Toyota GT86 in our workshop. Now, we’re used to seeing GT86s being modified for the street, track or drift circuits, but a rally-spec one is somewhat of a unicorn in the automotive world. Being the car nuts we are, we decided to go in for a closer look, take a few photographs and have a chat with the current owner.

There’s no denying that this car has certainly had a lot of money and time invested in it, as it’s fitted with a whole bunch of goodies, including a TMG (Toyota Motorsport Germany) engine. It’s also been equipped with a full TMG exhaust system and air box, completing a nice TMG line from the engine back. Paired to the peppy TMG engine is a 6-speed elite sequential gearbox, and a 4.6 plated CWP rear diff for putting the power down on gravel tracks.

If you’re fans of the comfortable interior GT86s leave the factory with, you may wish to look away now as this car is stripped out, fitted with a full roll cage, Sparco bucket seats, TRS harnesses, flocked dash & a Motec dash system. Perhaps not quite as comfortable as the factory interior, but certainly safe and well equipped for the car’s intended purpose.

Now, we know Christmas has just passed… but this car is actually for sale, and at a fraction of the price at that. If you’d like to read more about the build or fancy picking yourself up a gravel spec rally toy, check out the link below: