Our Stunning Cafe is run by our amazing Head Chef, Andy & his Team – we focus on Homemade, Tasty & important to us – Local food.

With Prior notice we can cater for larger events and groups even on our closed evenings.. Just ask the team for info.

Our Menu Changes with the amount of people due, Season and Chef Specials… Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for the most up to date info


8.30am Opening through week, 8am on weekends

Kitchen closes 30 mins before closing time

Please note – Due to being a super popular spot on weekends, food serving times will change on weekends, IE Full English breakfasts only served until 10am approx…! Sorry for any inconvenience!

Breakfast foods in  soft Baps

Bacon £4.00                          Sausage £4.00                          Fried Egg £3.00

Bacon & Egg £5.00               Sausage & Egg £5.00              Bacon & Sausage £5.00

Bacon, Egg & Sausage £5.50

Full English Breakfast on a plate including a cup of tea or coffee £9.95

Full English Includes:3 Rashers Bacon, Sausage, Fried Egg, Heinz Baked Beans, Tomato, Mushroom, Black Pudding and Fried Bread

(The Full English on a plate Includes a free cup of PG tips Tea/Decaf Tea or Fruit Tea or Filter Coffee with / without Milk or Decaf instant)


Heinz Baked Beans on Toast £3.00        Poached Egg on Toast / Fried egg on Toast £3.00


Gluten Free ‘Genius’ Brioche Buns available. Please ask a member of staff. 



Beef Burger in a bun with lettuce, tom and burger sauce with side of Chips and Red Slaw £9.95

VEGAN  Bangkok Bad Boy Burger – Oriental Spiced Burger with Side of Chips  £9.95

Crispy Panko & Paprika Chicken breast in bun, with lettuce, tomato, Side of Chips and Red Slaw £9.95

Any of the Burgers / Chicken above without chips £7.95


Extra sides  –  Skin
on Fries £2.50         Homemade Chunky Chips £3.00


Sandwiches – All served with Salad Garnish &
Red Slaw (GF Available)

Egg Mayo (GF & V) £3.00              Tuna Mayo (GF) £3.50

Cheese & Pickle (GF&V)£3.50            Salad (GF& V) £3.00


Salads all £4.50

Ceaser Salad
(G) Tuna Mayo (G) Cheese & Pickle (GF&V) Bacon Lettuce & Tom (G)

Lighter Bites

2 Slices of Toast with Butter & Jam (Rasp or Marmalade)

Chicken Fillets with BBQ Sauce, Fries & Salad £7.00

5 Bean Lasagne with Salad £6.50

Beef Lasagne with Salad £6.50



speak to staff about allergens

(G) Gluten
Free options available        (V)
Vegetarian & Vegan options available


Children’s Options:

Choose a meal below and have a choice
of drink included – Fruit Shoot/ Capri Sun / Bottle of Water

Fish Fingers Chips & Beans £5.50

Sausage Chips and Beans £5.50

Egg Chips and Beans (V) £5.50

Sweet Treats

Selection of Flapjack / Millionaires
Shortbread/Brownie  £1.50       Choice of Muffins £1.50

Selection of Tartlettes available
(Lemon / Treacle / Almond) £2.00


Gluten Free pre-packaged slices £1.50



Selection of Walls Ice-creams from just £1.50


Choice of Northern Bloc Ice cream tubs Available inc

All £2.00 each With Spoon in lid

  •      Bourbon Vanilla   
  •      Peppermint Chip
  •      Sicilian Lemon Sorbet  (V)
  •      Raspberry & Sorell Sorbet (V)
  •      Chocolate & Sea Salt
  • VEGAN  Caramel Sea salt.


 Groovy Moo Icecream in Cone from £2.70



Pies & Pasties

With a side of Chips & Mushy Peas – Just £6.50 Choose from :

Steak Pie /  Chicken & Ham Pie /  Sausage Roll /

Look out for our  Specials, Inc Lasagne, Home Made Sausage Rolls, Fish Pie and more!!

Hot Drinks:

Tea £1.50            Fruit Tea £1.50                 Filter Coffee £2.00      

Americano £2.00         Latte £2.50          Cappuccino £2.50                Mocha £2.50           Espresso £1.50

Hot Chocolate £2.50

HOT CHOC with Squirty Cream & Marshmallows £3.00


Cold Drinks

Fanta (Lemon or Orange) , Pepsi Max,
Sprite, Coke / Diet Coke or bottles of Water £1.00

Fruit Shoots / Capri Suns £1.00


Please order in the Cafe

Please note that the menu is subject to change without prior warning and may not reflect the most up to date version, Please contact us if  you require any more information. Thank you. Please inform us of any dietary requirements BEFORE ordering to ensure we can assist you in the best way.

Opening times 10 am - 5pm Monday to Friday open late until 8pm on a Wednesday 8am-5pm on a Saturday 8am to 4pm on a Sunday