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March can only mean one thing…

It means… Its SPRING! Dust off those Helmets, get those cars tucked away in storage booked in for their MOT’s and prepare for a great summer, I mean anything must be better than last year and with Lockdown looking to lift end of June for the remaining businesses out there.. well, lets get ready to make it a good one!

We can already tell that there is a change in the mindsets of those on the road, weve seen some beautiful bikes out there, lots of Cyclists too (getting your daily exercise of course…!) and the off flying SVR… hmm yes we are on a straight road and do get treat to some beautiful vehicles, but please… slow down, only as we want to see what your driving!!

We cant wait to be open and see you all here at NY500

So, we will be open for JUNE this year, woohoo, and yes if you cant already tell… we are excited! As i type, the glazing is going in and its going to be an epic space to enjoy!

We’ll keep you updated, but whatever you are doing at the moment, be safe (Be Sensible…) and see you all soon