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Half way through Think Bike Week!

As I write in the early hours of the morning and I listen closely, it’s just silence, in Comparison to the Humm of vehicles travelling by the Cafe through the day – it all melts into just about one. You hear the odd engine note and a glimmer of bodywork and think well that sounded bloody good but until you concentrate you then start pairing out and realising, the bikers are out to play! Hazzar for the better weather and the fun roads.

Recently in media outlets, as the UK slowly starts awakening again, we have been awash with ads and reminders to check your car, make sure it’s safe…. what about the bikers??!

Well #ThinkBikeWeek are here to help, a week long look at everything from Biker Down courses, kit maintenance to refresher courses…. We know you guys are some of the most skilled in the roads so why not keep it that way…👌

You can find more info on Facebook HERE

Ride safe all… And see you soon at NY500