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What’s On & Who’s been

NY500 Meets and More….

Want to hold a meet with us? Car Meet? Bike Meet? Food  Fest? Family Fest??….Something a bit different? We’re all up for it – Email us at or use the form below With your club details (no probs if its just a gathering of friends or an actual club etc!) Rough idea of numbers and when you are thinking of, and well get back to you and get you booked in! ITS FREE in most circumstances!

We’re pretty easy going here for your meets- Big or Little, you are all welcome, BUT we do have some house rules we expect from you all – 

-We are an ENGINES OFF establishment, no revving, no lunacy no nothing, final.

-We are a Family friendly venue, watch your speed!

-We work closely with the Police, dont like this ?? – then we’re not the venue for you…

We work really well with Car Calendar – Watch out below for our events as they are added! You can use Car Calendar for your own events too, ticketed or not! 

If we are looking quiet on the Events front below, check out our Facebook where people add their own events to our page. Dont forget, even with no ‘meets/ clubs etc ‘ booked, we are always lucky to get a great selection of cars and bikes turn up

Who’s been …

You cant blame us, a small family run cafe, wanting to blow our trumpet a little bit for the amazing companies and people that have been here before… so heres a quick preview of just a few!!