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Our Venue

NY500, Sat on the outskirts of the North Yorkshire Moors (an epic playground if we do say so ourselves…!!) and within North Yorkshire itself, we have a huge range of attractions around us to enjoy your visit out!

NY500, Aptly named for North Yorkshire (and a soon to arrive ‘500’ mile tour which *might* skirt outside of North Yorkshire ha…!!) We are a family run, family friendly space for you all to enjoy, Foremost we are a Cafe, with a lot of space! If we can help, we will!

Visit NY500… In Your Car

Now, don’t get us wrong, we are through and through petrol head mad here… we can talk and talk about the amazing motors out there happily, for hours! BUT, we get it, its not all about us as we would of course LOVE to see your beauties, The Supercars, Rat Rods, Hot Rods, Imports, The Heavily Modified, or the Tastefully Modified, The Oldie Goldie Classics, the OH SO Uniques that we’re unlikely to see another in our lifetime and of course we cant forget the normal ones too…

Most people we know have love for their Car…. A loving wash here, A name there…

Why not pop is and chat away with us and other like minded people, We have indoor and outdoor space, great food and lots to look around. Most people visiting us are ‘Wheel Mad’… So your in good company!

We are SUPER looking forward to setting up some bespoke meet up events, evenings and days to meet up with others, enjoy a Brew and a Bacon Sandwich (Don’t worry we have awesome options like great selection of sweet treats too! Hazzar) and call us, NY500, your new meeting place! 

Visit NY500…On Your Bike

Pedal or Powered -We love a bike here, A thing of beauty, and a unique piece of kit that most can’t enjoy as they cant ride – Well lets admit it, you either have the ‘Kahunas’ or you don’t

(And Bex here writing this… does not! Then again I fall over while standing so…. you get the Gist!) 

We are all for Bikers and really had you guys in mind when we designed this place, A Bikers Pit stop, a Meet up Place so you can get out of the house for a ride (Like you Really need an excuse to get out on those warm summer evenings huh!) 

But, in all seriousness, we have thought about you all … We a Visor Wash area along with loads of space for you and your mates to enjoy a Brew & a Pie (Or Pasty.. you never know what we have in the Cafe until you come and see… they’ll certainly be cake though!)

We will have regular Bike Evenings through summer and want to ensure  that those that like to get out, go on our Tours on their bikes or anything else have somewhere to enjoy! 

Pedal Powered – Lycra clad or not…. We welcome you to NY500!

We get it, not everyone looks Quite as good as you do Rocking that Cycling Gear…. we hear that you might even have competition in those not so loving of the Lycra…

Either way, we know one thing, you all like a Nice hot Drink and something to eat (isn’t that the point of cycling anyway…??) and we have a great space for you to put your Bike, and have a chill out! 

We are also pretty mad about the ever so cool Raleigh Choppers – so you will find our personal collection on show for all to enjoy!

…Walking to NY500

Whether an Avid countryside walker, or popping to us from the Local Attractions, We’d Love to welcome you here to visit, we genuinely believe you will love the space we have made as much as the next person!

With a nice space to enjoy, Lovely local food and interesting and eclectic mix of items, Cars & Bikes for all to enjoy.

There are paths that you can use to get to us – no having to worry about walking on the road! There is also a local bus towards Scarborough / Malton / Whitby, so lots of options to be able to visit us!

Four Legged Friends

Dogs on the Tarmac’d Area/ Parking area….. are allowed on this area, on a lead at all times, and please, clean up after them- its madness that we still have to ask this! If the gates to the fields are closed, please dont open them to let your dog off the lead – its private land!!!

Dogs are not allowed inside the NY500 Building itself.

We do know one thing for sure – You’re all going to love NY500. The Tours, Food and the Atmosphere – All made for you!

All Wheels Welcome at NY500
Scooter Meets at NY500