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Conduct & Hire

Are you looking for a venue for your event or meet-up?

The NY500 Café is available for corporate, public or private events. Drop us a line with what you’re looking for, and a team member will come back to you.

Our car park is pretty large and free of charge to park in so why not have a get together, grab a coffee and discuss all things cars. A great place to meet up before, after or during road trips or rallies.

Get in touch to find out more.

What we expect of you when at NY500

Want to hold a meet or more with us? Car Meet? Bike Meet? Food Fest? Family Fest??….Something a bit different? We’re all up for it – Email us at or use the form below With your club details (no probs if its just a gathering of friends or an actual club etc!) Rough idea of numbers and when you are thinking of, and well get back to you and get you booked in! ITS FREE in most smaller group circumstances! We will send you a ‘Welcome to NY500’ PDF to read through and complete – any questions just ask!!

We also love to be able to post about it on our socials – so the sooner you let us know, the better!

We do have Grass space available, meaning we can usually give you dedicated club space especially for larger meets – with prior notice!! Larger Meets get a dedicated entrance too – again, with notice and permission to use.

We’re pretty easy going here for meets- Big or Little, you are all welcome, BUT we do have some house rules we expect from you all, regardless of Car, Bike or just a visitor, these are just a few –

  • Dogs – Please keep on a lead at all times, They are not allowed within the cafe space. Please clean up after them… its bonkers that we still have to ask!! We do have outdoor seating space available for you.
  • Smoking and Vaping – Outside only , please be respectful of others and not directly outside the doors! Dispose of Your ends or vapes in the Bins provided please.. there are Bins everywhere so no excuses really
  • We have CCTV all around the site, and the building – this will be passed over to police and any other authorities if required.
  • We are an ENGINES OFF STATIC establishment, no revving, no Wheelies, no lunacy no nothing, final.
  • We are a Family friendly venue, watch your speed, its 2mph for a reason!
  • We work closely with the Police(Undercover and marked), dont like this ?? – then we’re sorry but we are not the venue for you…
  • If the gates are closed the grass area, do not enter to walk your dog, park your car away from others etc – it is private land and opened with prior permission only

Send us a message!

Whatever your Question – fire away, we’re happy to help!

NOTE – we CAN NOT reply to Gmail addresses currently, please ensure you include your Phone Number so we can contact you!!

07841 757306

NY500, Malton Road, Pickering, YO188EA

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